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been tagged again! XD this time by :iconmeiyue:


(x) if you see a pixel of imperfection, you fix it right away or it bothers you
(/) you like to finish a small area at a time because you don't like to see unfinished work (I'm getting better with this XD)
(x) if you see a little big of colour outside the lineart, you cringe and fix right away
(/) you take a LONG time on lineart because a little wobble in the line will make you cringe (don't do linearts that often :iconmostinterestingman: but when I do...I take my sweet precious time)
(/) you take a LONG time erasing the excess color that's outside the lines after the base color (depends on the day and the drawing XD)
so far: 3.5

(/) if you see something that is color codes but isn't in the right place, you fix it (sometimes, but it does drive me crazy when things aren't right XD)
() big baskets of chocolate at walmart makes you shudder (what?)
(x) if something is crooked that is supposed to be straight, you fix it right away
(/) you always use a ruler to draw a line that is supposed to be straight (only if it involves me cutting something for art. then yes)
(/) all pillows and cushions should be straight and the pattern is going in the same direction 
from this section: 3.5

FROM 1 TO 10
1)how fast does it take for you to clean your room? (10 is fastest) <3> (when I clean....I clean for an entire day...sometimes multiple days... XD)
2)how long can you keep your room clean? (10 is longest) <5> 
3)how often do you clean your because YOU feel like it (10 is most often) <3> (it turns into an obsticle course, THEN I clean it cause I'm sick of tripping over things)
4)how often do you fully make your bed including pillows and stuffies. (10 is most often) <1> (I hardly ever make my bed >_>)
5)how messy is your desk? (10 is the messiest) <1>
6)how long can things stay colour coded in your room? (10 being the longest) <0> (I don't colour code things)
7)how often do you use your daily agenda? (10 being the often) <0> (don't have one)
8)how long can you actually separate your school handouts in dividers at school (10 being the longest) <10>
9)go into your room right now, how clean is it? (10 being the cleanest) <7> (if it wasn't for my huge old cot lying in my floor, it'd be pretty clean)

from this section: 27

I dunno how to add this, so I dunno if I did it right? XD


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